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Boyband District3 chat exclusively to MarkMeets about their new EP ' '#D3ep'', District3 are a three-piece harmony vocal boy band consisting of Greg West, Micky Parsons, Dan Ferrari-Lane, who starred on The X Factor 2012 (initially as GMD3 before changing their band name) and we love them! .





























How are you?

Greg: Alright Mark how are you mate?

Dan: Hello mate, you alright?

All good thanks. I've done alot of interviews over the years with many big names through we the interview we did last year (before you were on the X factor) was possibiliy the most entertaining!

Greg: Really?

You were the funniest, cheekiest, most entertaining band I've interviewed!

Dan: Is that in a good way?

Yeah, absolutely in a good way!

Last year we broke the news that you had hit 1 million views on youtube

Dan:  I remember

You are now at over 7m! so alot has happened since then!

Dan: It's been a good year, (Laughs). It's good to speak with you again.


I've been playing your EP all week and it's damn good. How would you describe the EP?

Greg:I would describe it as having a fun vibe on the whole, so summer on a rainy day I'd guess.

Dan: It's quite summery, with a good summer vibe but it's got some dark though.


Okay there is a mixture of tracks on the album from uptempo, string and piano ballads, RnB etc. Is this the style of music we can expect to hear from you guys on the next one?

Greg: Definitely, As soon as we came out of the X Factor we had to get back to writing and that. All the stuff that you hear is just naturally what we enjoy creating. It's been a really fun experience for us to do and to write; it's nice to see that the fans are enjoying it.


How many songs have you written?

Dan: For the EP we wrote about 12 songs and then knocked it down to 6. Some of them work together better than others so we've still got alot more songs we could do on a EP part 2 or something or a single. We've been writing so we've got more songs.


Are their plans to release any more tracks?

Dan: Definitely! Obviously we might do afew covers fingers crossed if it all goes well we'll be briging out more music if the fans want it then we'll give

it to them.


It's the only EP I've heard where I haven't skipped a track! Who do you want to work with?

Greg This EP was just for the fans who have supported us since we were GMD3 three years ago.

Dan: For the album there will be some collabs fingers crossed as we are working on it at the moment! I will be upset if we can't do a collab with Eminem.


You have clearly make a big effort into making this happen and it's used your songwriting ability and creativity so is this the end now to recording covers?

Greg: I don't think it will ever be the end, it's still nice to do a cover now and again. Itis nice to put our own spin on things. Obviously When we done

the X Factor it literally took up a year so it was constant covers. It felt really refreshing to get back to being creative again.


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District3 chat to us about their new EP, Fans, Touring, Being mobbed and songwriting.

Published by Mark Boardman for MarkMeets August 22nd 2013     16:15pm

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Exclusive Interview

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Having toured the UK earlier this year, how excited are you at the prospect of going out and doing it again?

Greg: Yeah man, really excited! It was such a good fun tour and it was great to see all the fans. It was slightly different as we were playing songs that they hadn't heard before. It was really the fans that chose the tracks on the EP as basically we let them pick their favourites. Doing a tour after this will be fun because they're now gonna know all the songs and that o they'll be able to be even more interactive then they were before.


'More and More' is out in october, do you have any plans or ideas for the music video?

Greg: Not yet actually. We've been thinking about it but nothing is too set in touch. We love that song, it's gonna be very fun.


You've been working with people who have worked with Professor Green, Emile Sande from Brian Kennedy to Dan Havers so how did all these colloborations and song writing sessions/production come about?

Dan: We would go in with an idea to the studio, like taking our guitar when we've already worked out the chords and maybe abit of a melody idea and get the

producers to do a track and produce a track out of it and they we would write over the top of the track whilst we were there. That is usually what we would do it after we had an idea. Some of the people working with us we know from Jayne Collins.


What food and drinks would you typically would be on your rider, when you go on tour?

Greg: Well we never normally do a rider to be honest but my ideal food and drink would be a curry and a pint of lager...That before a gig would go down a treat!

Dan: We're not like the people to do a rider. We started off doing a little rider like Water, Redbulls but then our tour manager started taking the mick abit. You know how people do the M&M's and they only want the blue ones and stuff well our tour manager put on the rider that we just wanted the brown ones and so when we got to places they thought we were just being abit fussy. In the end we just scrapped the rider as we didn't want him playing up any more!


You guys always look very stylish when you're out and about so where do you shop and do you get mobbed?

Dan: You're the first person to tell us that!


Dan: Usually it's "You need to dress up". but we don't like dressing up. If we go to Westfield then we get stopped quite abit? We very rarely go out

shopping, I think it's once every two years that we actually do some shopping. Unfortunately we don't keep up to the fashions.


Luke Franks told me that you guys have been working out hard at the gym, is that true?

Dan: Do you know what we started working out hard at the gym and then we let it slip like we usually do. Usually We're told by management or somebody "You've got to get in shape" and we all put our minds to it and do a week of exercise and then re-start

exercising about 5 months later!

Greg: At this stage I don't think any of us will get ripped.


You're all London based so do you still use the tube from time to time?

Greg: Yeah, now and again we do. A couple of months ago we got a couple of mopeds and they've been pretty good and fun to nip around in round London on but

unfortunately last week got stolen right off my doorstep so We'll definintely be back on the tube. We went shopping recently and there were quite afew people asking for pictures and that.

























With lots of bands and artists doing documentaries, in the future could we see District3 the movie?

Maybe you never know. I'm sure it would be a very odd series or movie. We're a bunch of nutters but if anyone fancies making it, we'll be up for it!

I think the movie would be a must see!

Greg: Let's make it happen then hey!


What would you be doing if you weren't in District3?

Dan: Personally I would have liked to have gone into acting though not sure If I could have done that so I would probably be working with my Dad who runs a

coffee business in Wales, so I would be working in the coffee industry.

Greg: Probably working in the local Tesco.

Dan says "Micky would like to be a director


Where is Micky today?

Dan: He's ill in bed at the moment

Ah no, bless.

Dan: He's been ill for the past two weeks, we haven't really seen him as he hasn't been very well. He is recovering

Oh good.

Greg: We don't wanna make him come back to work and fall ill again.

If you need another member I am available for the next 2 weeks!

Dan: We would love to have you! Infact can you stay permantley please!!

Why not!!

Dan: We'll officially put you in instead of Micky (Laughs).


Thanks guys!

Greg: Thank you for your time

Dan: Love you buddy, take care.


1.     Let's Reload                        

2.     What You Know About Me?

3.     Hello

4.     Dead To Me

5.     Chasing Silhouettes

6.     More and More (Acoustic Video)


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