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Hi Matt, how are you?

"I'm very well, thank you."


I Love the track 'Loving You', can you tell me who write it and how did the duet come about?

"It started last year as I started writing it for my second album though we never found the chorus. Then I was in a (music) session with Jamie Scott (ex-Jamiroquai) and said I've got this verse and then we wrote the melody and chorus together. At this stage we'd already approached Mel and asked her and she told me that she was up for it. We then all met in a studio and Mel has the idea for the lyric."


"We sat there and alot of inappropriate stuff was said (Laughs), yeah we got the lyric together and with how Mel got involved, we bumped into each other afew times and we talked about one thing and maybe doing a duet. When she heard the track she was really up for it and I was beside myself that we were actually going to do it."


You played the drums, guitar and co-produced this track, is that right?

"Yeah, for the last album 'The Fire' I did that for all the tracks. We were lucky to work with a guy called Toby Smith, the keyboard layer and writer from Jamiroquai. We managed to go to his studio in Oxfordshire where me and Mel sang through alot of the vocal takes and a week after I went up and hung out with Jamie Scott who also helped produce it and Toby. It was good fun."          


Whose idea was it to also record the duet in Spanish? (There are two versions (English & Spanish).

"It was a combination of my manager and himself who had the idea! He presented the idea to myself and Mel and on the surface it seemed like a great number after we've f*ucking booked in some Spanish lessons for 45 mins or so."


What has the feedback been so far?

"It's been great so far, well fantastic. The Spanish version has been brilliant too, it's gone down well."


Did you enjoy doing the kissing scene in the video?

"Offcourse I did. It's not everyday that you get to do that so...it was just part of the script and written into the video and it seemed like a natural thing to be doing. We were both abit nervous before hand but we had alittle bit of a practise beforehand just to make sure that it was going to go well in-front of the cameras and everyone downstairs you know. It was highly amusing, good fun."


Watch Matt Cardle And Melanie C - 'Loving You' (Official Music Video)


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Matt Cardle Exclusive Interview - He talks about his single 'Loving You', New Album + Tattoos

Published by Mark Boardman for MarkMeets July 31st 2013     16.31pm

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The video was directed by Jonny Knight, was this the first time working with him and what input did you have into making the video?

"Historically with videos especially with regards to the second album, it's always been myself and my manager Will who have come up with the concept for the videos. Jonny said "This is what we're doing" and I thought it was a great idea, so did Mel and he's great to work with."


Are you going to be doing any more writing with Melanie?

"I really hope so yeah, she's a fantastic writer and just great to be around as well".


You've said your third album is very different from your first two, so has your music evolved or in the past have you been held back?

"I've not been held back. The only thing that restrains you is yourself, where you set your own boundaries and you create your own limitations for yourself and it's been a case of slowly but surely breaking that down for myself so I can do things that I should not/could not do or never would, you know. I've been pushing things vocally and i've been working with some great writers. I'm doing alot more soulful stuff and experimenting instrumentally. We got alot of brass going on the album, four strings and all of that kind of stuff."


What is the title of the album, you've said before that the letters O & P are in it?

"Hold on two seconds" *Turns to manager (pause). "There is an 'I' in there somewhere, sorry I can't give you anymore." (Laughs in excitement just thinking about his new album).


In the Video Matt you have many tattoos...how many do you have now?

"It's nearly a full sleeve (on my arm) so let's make that one, one of my back, thumb and on my hands so 4 or 5".


Matt Cardle's third album 'Porcelain' is released October 28th, it was recorded in London Los Angeles and New York.


PRE-ORDER 'LOVING YOU' ON iTUNES NOW! http://smarturl.it/MattCardleMelanieC


'Loving You' (available 18th August) is the first single from Matt Cardle's forthcoming album.

Pre-order the album on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MattCardleNewALBUM






See our exclusive interview with Melanie C here


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Matt Cardle

We caught up with one of our favourite British singer/songwriters Matt Cardle about his fab new single 'Loving You' which also features the wonderful vocals from Melanie C.


Matt was as entertaining and fun as usual and his passion for his third album will prove his talents once again.