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Roxanne Emery - Hero (live @ The Royal Festival Hall, London)
































@markmeets DATE:

@markmeets DATE:

We've promoted some of today’s best known

and hottest acts from when they began their

journey with previous artists including: District3,

The Dolly Rockers, Tich, Blaise, Aiden Grimshaw,

Jenn D, Fugative, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and

countless more.


Now, here at MarkMeets, we are pleased to

introduce 'Roxanne Emery'.



Roxanne Emery is 28 year old London based

singer-songwriter originally from Southampton.


The multi-instrumentalist and producer has released

three independent EPs since 2011, plus she runs

her own label, LATE Records which manages other

independent artists.


When are you releasing your new album?

Well, it's all finished now other than being mastered which is the final step. I should have the finished product in my hands in May and then as soon as I can upload it to iTunes! It has been a long time coming and I am so excited. I've also finished my first ever music video which I cannot wait for people to see.


Solo female stars are on the comeback again with Adele and Emeli Sande dominating the industry. Why are they so successful?

We all know chart success seems to works in cycles, but I think it's more than that. Producing music with a live band takes a lot of time and energy, and with record sale profits tumbling it makes sense for the industry to be dominated with electronic music. It's generally a lot cheaper and faster to make songs electronically, so it makes economic sense. However, as music buyers in the UK (and the rest of the world) we still have a thirst for what we may describe as 'real' music - you know - the songs that will be the first dance at your wedding, and more sombrely, the song played at your funeral. For me, cycles come and go... but a good song that is heartfelt and makes you feel something is timeless.


Your music has appeared in tons of TV shows. How does that make you feel?

So lucky! It still blows my mind... I know my tracks have been in Hollyoaks, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Real World to name a few! But there is one moment I remember... I was watching a show on MTV called 'Awkward'. It was the season finale, coming to the end of the episode, when there is a super-romantic and highly anticipated kiss with the two lead characters and one of my songs started playing. I'd totally forgotten my track was due to be in the episode (as often these things get arranged months before) so it was totally jaw dropping. I may or may not have sky plussed it and watched it a few times. 'A few' can mean 15 right?


Would you ever date someone who is not in the music industry?

I think my track record speaks for itself here (oops...). I would never discriminate against someone for not being in music, but I am fully aware of how difficult it can be. In my life right now, music will always come first, and if that means cancelling date night to finish a song I'm working on, or even a holiday if I get a gig, then that's what I have to do. That can be hard for a partner to understand so dating someone in music makes it a little easier. Also music is my number one passion (followed closely by food!) and I would want to share that passion with someone. Wow... this sounds like a singles ad?!


































What's the message?

I'm sure the people at my label would say something like 'It's an album about love and loss, with songs that will make you laugh and cry blah blah blah [insert typical PR cliche here]'. I would say... I wanted to make an album, it's near on bankrupted me financially and emotionally but I'm bloody proud of it, please buy it. Oh and if you are lucky enough to have a true passion or dream, then follow it. Life really is too short!


What made you set up your own record label?

Songwriting and singing are my absolute passion, but I knew that would never quite be enough for me. My entire education and work experience was gearing me up to be in business and without setting up my own label I think I would have fallen short on my ambition. I originally set up 'LATE Records' as a way of releasing my own EPs (after the label I was signed to went bust!). As I got to grips with the business and administration, I realised I could help other artists get their EPs/albums to market too and I started working with a couple of other artists including LJ Ayrten, Christina Novelli and Antony Raine. I work with people who I adore and who are hard workers. We are the total antithesis of the typical music industry- money isn't the aim, and I love that. I suppose I have always had a bit of a rebellious streak!


Would you ever produce for anyone else?

Producing my album was a huge step. It's not something an artist would typically do, and unfortunately it's even less likely if you are female. However, I absolutely loved it! Understanding the technology at our fingertips and creating a sound made me realise how much more there still is to learn. I'm starting to produce demos for people on the label and other songwriters who don't have the money for big studios. Although I don't think Timbaland needs to worry just yet...!






























Having performed at some amazing venues over the year, which one has been your favourite?

That is such a hard question! I think I can narrow it down to two... the first one was Hammersmith Apollo in March 2012. It's basically my favourite venue in London - I've seen some of my favourite bands play there - so to get the chance to be on the same stage in front of 4,000 people was absolutely amazing. The second would be Bush Hall. This was a headline show I did a couple of months ago; the show sold out very quickly and was packed with amazing fans, friends, and family. Although it was only an audience of a few hundred, it felt so amazing to be headlining a sell-out show with so many important people in my life there to support me.


Which stars have you performed alongside on stage/supported?

I've played alongside so many amazing musicians over the years... one of the first bands I ever supported was Lawson, and my last full support tour was Matt Cardle. I have been extremely lucky to meet and share a stage with some really talented people! And there may be a new support announcement coming soon..


So what are you waiting for, GO check her out and let us know what you think by tweeting us @MarkMeets @MrMarkBoardman or @Roxanne_Emery You can also comment on our facebook


Interview carried out by Music Journalist  Mark Boardman.

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We're expecting big things to come for Roxanne Emery.

Roxanne Emery

Roxanne Emery


"Songwriting and singing are my absolute passion, but I knew that would never quite be enough for me"

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Roxanne Emery is our new featured artist for May 2013 at MarkMeets!

Published by Mark Boardman for MarkMeets May 1st 2013     00.01am

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Meet April 2013's featured artist:

The Parades

Copyright @Roxanne Emery

1. Roxanne has peformed alongside Matt Cardle and Lawson.


2. She has performed at venues including London's Hammersmith Apollo, the Royal Festival Hall in London, The House of Blues (Chicago), Music Box (LA) & Space (Ibiza)


3. Her music has been featured in episodes of several popular television shows, including Cougar Town (ABC), Awkward (MTV) and Keeping Up With The Kardashians  'E! Entertainment'


4. Her record label, LATE Records Ltd, is actually named after her mother, Linda Angela Theresa Emery, who passed away when Roxanne was 22.'


5. We think she is an amazing talent, very bright with a future in music.

5 facts about Roxanne:

Roxanne Emery Press 2 2013

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