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Having promoted some of today’s best known and hottest music acts from when they began their journey, we're pleased to showcase the amazing talent of singer SPARK






Raised in Walthamstow, Jess “Spark” Morgan wrote her first song at 7 years old and, by the age of 13, was selling her own songs on CD at Walthamstow Market. She has been tour with Marina and the Diamonds, signed to a label and recording her first album with collaborators including Mike Skinner.


From a very early age I started making music, it wasn't a thought out process - it just happened to be my career path.


At MarkMeets, our passion, online presence and reputation for promoting fresh new talent offers artists offers a great platform for artists to be seen by even more people to succeed.

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"I'm very stong minded, I know who I am and I won't stop til I get to where I want to be" SPARK

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SPARK is our new featured artist for August 2013 at MarkMeets.Com

Published by Mark Boardman for MarkMeets August 1st 2013     00.01am

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@EmilyDukuDubzJB "Everyone gets hyped over @towlerluke's amazing covers but trust me, as soon as his original music drops... He goes worldwide"

Spark tells us exclusively: Everything afew years ago fell into place, I was with '19' management (Spice Girls/Annie Lennox) when I was 16, by the time I was 18 I was signed to

Warner where I went on tour. I was recorded my album in America and thought how did this all happen so fast? I didn't actually like or believe in the music I've been making. Everything happened without me being able to catch up breath. When I did realise that I wasn't happy making music that I was being told to make, I went into the label and said I could not do this. I had made the decision that I wanted to start again.


I wanted to do something better and meaningful.


How did you get the name “Spark”?

My middle name is Sparkle. Legit. Birth certificate, passport, it all! I was a water baby and my dad said that when I was born I 'sparkled', so my parents made it my middle name.

I was called Sparky a lot growing up as a nick name and Spark just felt like the natural way to go.


Spark always wanted to be a success in her own right and began to write on her own – and, for such a febrile imagination, what she was going through at such a young age in an industry notoriously ambiguous in its treatment of young female artists, was to prove cathartic and ultimately hugely productive.


And here, at 21, we have Spark finally ready to release her music on her own terms.  She says “I wanted to work with people that I could be locked in a room for hours or days and be able to sit, talk, create and somehow bring out the best in each other. When people with a shared passion come together…that’s when the best work is created. Masterpieces. Classics.”


Listen to two new songs by 21-year-old London-based songstress Jess Morgan aka Spark, "Take It Back" and "Struck Out".

Spark is about about classics as this is what her new material contains – by the bucket load.

Spark’s incredible voice soars through RnB tinged future-hits, with melodies so catchy that the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani would kill for them. But make no mistake, this is no polished, over-produced, over-wrought cynical pop record, rather this is an album of unapologetic and utterly exciting music showcasing Spark’s diversity and ambition. She’s fought to get here and there is now everything to play for. This is serious.


Spark said: “I realised that it doesn’t matter who’s around you, who loves you and supports you, you have to get up and go get it yourself…I’m doing it now. This time I’m not stopping for anyone.


The artists that I grew up with and fell in love with – Eminem, Tracey Chapman, Jay Z, have so much passion in their delivery.

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"I am a perfectonist but when I write it's a very natural thing, It just flows so much and feels like a moment in time"



If you were in a band which 3 other artists would you choose to match your music taste?

"Rihanna, Jessie J, MIA.


Do you re-record tracks or keep them first cut?

I am a perfectionist though when I write it's a very natural thing. It feels like a moment in time capturing how I feel and for me to go back and edit

that and make it into something else doesn't feel natural for me so I want to keep it like that.


It's not your responsibility to be a role model but it is an opportunity to be one. Not everyone has the ability to write music that connects with

people. I remember being young and listening to Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow telling these stories and thiknking

WOW I connect with this and I just wanted to do the same.


Have you got any tattoos? and how important is image in the business?

I have one tattoo on the back of my forearm. It's only small, a key with a heart on the top. I think image is important in life - not because of any other reason than I believe that when you look good, you feel good. I think you can wear anything as long as you feel good in it, you feel like you look good and feel comfortable in yourself. I think in every area of life, career path etc there is an element of having to take pride in your appearance if you want to get somewhere with what you're doing. I also feel like style choices are an extension of your personality, what you wear and how you do your hair and make up are choices you make so that people see you the way you want to be seen. Ultimately it comes down to the music, always. It has to. But not only the way you look, but the choices you make for style of photographs, music videos, colour schemes, album covers etc are all imagery choices that you choose to represent you as an artist, with hope that people will understand you more and what you want to be seen as. And like I said, it's about how what you wear makes you feel.


Do you google yourself and What was the last thing you read about yourself on the internet?

I don't think I'm quite at the level of being able to find much by googling myself! I did after I read this question and there are a few things there, but although the past and everything I did before is relevant - it all lead to here, it's not necessary to go back to that all the time. Now is what counts, and is all that matters. When I just googled myself my own blog came up, a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago called Second Chances. Reading what other people write about me is interesting, and it's always so amazing to have people writing things about my music, that support is everything to me. Having the opportunity to say some things myself though that really explains how I feel and what I have to say is even better though, I'm grateful to be able to do that.


What would people find out about you from a reality documentary?

I think people would find that I'm really goofy and spend the majority of my time laughing with the people closest to me. I'm kind of obsessed with my family, they're the best and most talented people I know. I'm also a perfectionist, I'm hyper sensitive and I love hard. I try to surround myself with the people that bring out the best in me, which is something I think everyone should do. And I won't stop until I'm satisfied. Make of what what you will!


Plans for this year?

I write all the time. Now is a time for me re-introducing myself to the industry. My focus is getting people to now know who I really am rather than the person they thought I was. Putting some new music out that I love and believe in and then see what gigs, go on tour and put new music out?


We have a new exclusive interview with Spark coming up ths month, besides an exclusive cover video plus she'll be taking your questions on our twitter page @MarkMeets

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