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As the pop music scene makes way for yet another rising teenaged spawned bubble-gum pop, rock, and dance sensation, Temara Melek continues to attract attention with her latest international release, “Karmas Not Pretty”.


With her humble disposition, Temara’s stature as an independent artiste is gaining the right interests from industry specialists as she aims to be a huge success – so let’s hear what she has to say.

























Temara Melek has accomplished more in her short life than most people and has been dubbed to be a real triple threat. Temara entered the entertainment industry at aged four and has gone on to win performing arts championships, scholarships for jazz and hip hop, and has a natural passion for charity.


As an actress she has starred in TV commercials, films, and music videos. Temara has been able to secure a solid foundation in the industry so far and the sky is the limit for this rising star.


Temara – “I thank God for each and every blessing and for those who continue to support me and my music”.


For our followers who have never heard your music before explain your sound in five words.

Well it’s definitely pop (as she looks up to the heavens for inspiration then giggles) and a mixture of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus who I’m a big fan of. That is a difficult one to explain in five words.


How long did it take the single “Karm’s Not Pretty” to produce?

Goodness, it was written about two years ago and we basically decided to release it now – I love the song and the single is doing really well.


You co-wrote the single with former ‘The Voice’ 2012 winner, Cassadee Pope – what was that like?

It was truly amazing and she’s so talented.


Do you have any favourite musical writers?

Taylor Swift! I love her music too.


Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing music?

Ummmm well I get it from life experiences, whether good or bad.


You recorded the single in L.A earlier on in the year, so what’s it like being back in the U.K?

Oh it’s awesome! I always have a great time when I’m here. I love the food so much especially Nando’s – it’s awesome (as she gives a beaming grin).  


So what’s the song all about? And you’ve finished the video! Got any surprises in it?

It’s all about a boyfriend who flirts with another girl. The girlfriend finds out and starts noticing another love interest and moves on with this great guy. So basically what goes around comes around and that Karmas not always pretty (giggles). But we had so much fun shooting the video. Keegan


Allen and Greg Sulkin from “Pretty Little Liars” are in it too.


So you are a huge fan of One Direction, right?

Yeah, they’re awesome! I’m such a huge fan. Harry Styles is great.


So you have worked alongside an amazing production team that have helped to kick start Miley Cyrus’ career. Explain what that was like.

Stacy Jones and Mike Schmidt are awesome to work with and I am such a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. I love her music. It was great.


What does it feel like to hear people say you are tipped to be the next big pop princess?

It’s so crazy to hear that I am soon to be a favourite artiste. I can’t believe it. It’s so surreal.


Explain your emotions right now.

I am honestly really happy and can’t believe this is happening. One day I will love to have my own tour and perform at the Madison Square Garden’s.


You can pre-order Temara Melek’s new single “Karmas Not Pretty” on iTunes now.


Watch Temara Melek’s offical music video for 'Karmas Not Pretty'

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Temara Melek Celebrity Interview: Karma Is As Good As It Gets!

Published by Sola James for MarkMeets 4th September 2013     15.31pm

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