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We've promoted some of today’s best known and hottest acts from when they began their journey with previous artists including: District3, The Dolly Rockers, Tich, Blaise, Aiden Grimshaw, Jenn D, Fugative, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and countless more.


Now, here at MarkMeets, we are pleased to introduce 'The Parades'.





The New Guitar based British Pop Band are currently doing school tours across the country and have been very busy in the studio on new music,


Meet Dan, James and Andy, collectively ‘The Parades. Through constant writing, recording and playing live, their straight up pop sound and image was created.

After working with Red Triangle Productions to produce a 3 track E.P., the band are now touring schools and working on projects for 2013.

Read what happened when we chatted to them -->


How long have you known each other?

"We've now known each other for 7/8 years as we all went to school together but have only been in a band together for about a year"


Do you play any instruments/song write?

Dan's on Vocals and Guitar, Andy's job is Bass and Backing Vocals and James plays the drums. We write all our own stuff and love doing it that way!









Which vocalists inspire you?

(Dan) 'Some of the vocalists that inspire me the most would have to be Stevie Wonder, John Mayer and Jay Kay (Jamiroquai). All very different vocalists but all so influential to me as a singer! James and Andy's influences are slightly 'rockier' than mine. Their main inspiration has to be Blink-182 but now they both listen to the charts quite a lot.


What is the best thing so far about being in The Parades?

You know what, the first ever show that we played together was crazy! We played for half an hour at a girls school in High Wycombe and by the end of our set, we were jumped on by hundreds of girls asking for photos and autographs! That was mad.


It's so hard to pick one thing! Just doing something that we all absolutely love doing everyday is probably the best thing about it! There is also no better feeling than having a crowd of people singing your lyrics  back to you!!


Who is most popular with the ladies?

Well, the ladies love a pretty voice and Dan has a fairly pretty voice so we are going to have to say Dan.






















Are you excited to be supporting Sam Callahan?

The show with Sam is going to be great! It'll be our first proper show in London so we are all very excited for it!


Who is the most famous person in your mobile?

Haha, good question. We do have Jamal Edwards' number actually so hopefully we can organise a video for SBTV soon! Not too sure if he'd know who was calling him though!! Maybe...


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We've got a school tour coming up at the end of April, we're doing a tonne of shows all around the country supporting a load of very talented artists and we're going to have a bloody great time!! Keep an eye out cause we'll be announcing a lot more very soon!


Their debut single "Off The Ground" is available for free via the bands website. You can listen to the song further below or hear theto on the bands two great covers of JT's "Mirrors" and Bruno Mars "Treasure" on their  YouTube page (linked further below).


So what are you waiting for, GO check them out and let us know what you think by tweeting us @MarkMeets @MrMarkBoardman or @theparadesband You can also comment on our facebook


Interview carried out by Mark Boardman.



Listen to The Parades': 'Off The Ground' below.

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We're expecting big things to come for this trio who have been hard at work -perfecting their music skils and now they are ready to launch OFF THE GROUND!

All you need to know about HOT new boyband 'The Parades'!!

Copyright @The Parades

Dan, James and Andy from THE PARADES



"We were jumped on by hundreds of girls asking for photos and autographs! That was mad"

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Their AMAZING debut single "Off The Ground" is available for free via the bands website!

'The Parades' are our new featured artist for April 2013 at MarkMeets!

Published by Mark Boardman for MarkMeets March 19th 2013     23.31pm

Home > Celebs > Featured Artist > April 2013

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Twitter: @theparadesband

They are being managed by Loveable Rogues and Twenty Twenty mentor

Gary V. Raymond who has high hopes for them this year.