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We've been online since 2004, and provide the latest UK Entertainment News, celeb interviews, info on film premieres, competitions, movie news, celeb photos, music videos and all things celebrity.


We also commentate and provide content across many media outlets including TV and Radio networks and articles to the press, see below links.


We also cover showbiz, music, film and red carpet events, provide PR services and content services(feature writing, showbiz news feed, VIP Tickets and Celeb Event information) to the media.

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MarkMeets is the UK's fastest growing site for entertainment news and events this decade, delivering breaking

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MarkMeets also covers celeb/ red carpet events and provides PR services to celebs, agencies and media.

We are recognised as the UK's best website for news on Gigs, radio and celeb tv appearances, signings,

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ShowbizGossip is responsible for breaking news and exclusive entertainment celeb updates and stories every day, our team of experienced journalists and freelance reporters provide clients with a rich entertainment news feed to publish on their site or magazine. We attend major UK showbiz events to get you the best news stories from the red carpet and behind the velvet rope.

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